Home-Based Business, Anyone?

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Has the time for a home-based business finally come?

Ask any home-based CEOs and you’d probably get an outburst of how they used to get snubbed at trade shows because they run their businesses from home. Renae Christine who was one of them said that almost all trade shows are interested only in brick-and-mortar businesses and don’t encourage home-based business owners like her.

Operating a business has gone beyond the four walls of brick-and-mortar establishments

Recovering Economy Boosts Home-Based Businesses
Not anymore. That was in 2006 before the recession. But thanks to the recovering economy things have changed. A lot of people have begun showing interest in how Christine built a six-figure income business in her home.

This prompted her to start teaching people the rudiments of setting up a home business. In 2012, Christine started the blog RichMomBusiness.com which has expanded into her primary home-based business.

Increasing Estimates of Home Businesses
Christine is just one of the many people who discovered that she can earn enough money from a business operated at home. In fact, the Labor Bureau estimates that there are 18.3 million home-based businesses in the country. But according to the Department of State’s Family Liaison Office, others estimates go as high as 38 million.

Striking A Balance Between Home And Work
The decision to start a home-business is not a choice for many people but a life-saving option, in a manner of speaking. Take Christine’s case – because of the uncertainty of how she and her children would survive after a divorce in 2013, she knew she had to do something, even if it meant not knowing if she would succeed or not in operating a business from home. She knew there would be challenges, specifically in balancing family and work under one roof. But despite the challenges, there are also compensating benefits of:

  • Flexibility
  • Freedom
  • More money

Moms Raise Children While Working
For some home-based CEOs, a more obvious reason for working from home is the ability to be able to work and at the same time not lose that time to be with their children. In Orit Pennington’s case, she was able to raise her four children because of the income she earned from the company she set up that produces bar codes and labels for specific markets. Pennington is a stay-at-home mom and a stay-at-home CEO of TPGTEX Label Solutions and enjoys the benefit of earning a living and still going to her children’s school activities or the ability to be at home with a sick child.

Being there for the children, especially is the flexibility provided by home businesses

Dads Don’t Miss Out On Kids’ Growing Up Years
In agreement is Joshua Steimle who runs his Web search engine optimization business from his home. His business which he operates from his Salt Lake City home has given him the opportunity to see his kids grow up – eat lunch with them and interact with them throughout the day while helping other businesses such as retailers of western clothing and accessories that also operate online stores, providers of technology-based services, and many more. Steimle is happy that he’s not missing out on so many amazing moments which other dads working at an office don’t get to do.

Dads usually miss out on seeing their kids grow because of work, but not with a home-based business

How To Make It Work
Family and work can easily get mixed up in a home environment. With the kids present throughout the day while you’re working, some business activities may be interrupted and jeopardized. In some cases, one can be so absorbed at work and forget that it’s time for dinner.

Steimle for his part has set a time to get off of work at 5:00 p.m. He stands up at 5:00 p.m. to be with the family in the living room. If he needs to return to work, he slips back into his home-based office when the entire household is asleep.

Bottom line, a home-based business has finally found its niche in society and world-wide, a lot of people have been successful in their own businesses at home.

Do you know what home-based business you want?

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